Founder and Co-Executive Chef

Chef Hemant Mathur holds the unique distinction of being the first Indian chef in the U.S. to be awarded a Michelin star and retain it across two New York City restaurants - Devi and Tulsi. Chef Mathur is currently the Co-Owner and Executive Chef of SAAR Indian Bistro in New York City. He has also contributed to the success of some of New York City’s top Indian restaurants – laying the groundwork for highlighting and showcasing the diversity of regional Indian cuisine often underrepresented in restaurants.


Chef Surbhi Sahni

Owner and Co-Executive Chef

Chef Surbhi Sahni embodies the sugar and spice and everything nice description and is nevertheless far from typical in any way. For two decades now she has been bringing her own unique perspective to modern Indian cuisine designing menus, developing recipes and being the creative force behind Devi, Tulsi and most recently, Saar Bistro in midtown along with Chef Hemant Mathur. In addition, she has made a huge mark as one of the most unique and beloved pastry chefs in the country with her cakes and confections that encapsulate the essence of South-Asian traditional ‘mithai’ with modern international twists.


Chef Chandramohan Krishnaswamy

Chef Chandramohan Krishnasamy has 17 years of experience in Indian baking, confectionary, cooking, and restaurant management.

Moving from prestigious positions at various properties belonging to the Taj Group of Hotels in India, Chef Krishnaswamy moved to the United States and has since helmed several Indian restaurants in the US and in India. Since 2017, he owns and operates Saar Catering with Chef Hemant Mathur.